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UKNA COVID-19 Update - 15th July 2020

In the spirit of unity and NA Traditions, we offer this bulletin. Our well-being and continued recovery through safe meeting spaces is an important issue for all of us.

Please note: This guidance is from 15th July. We plan to update this bulletin whenever new guidelines that impact NA are issued.

Information is changing regularly and it is imperative that we all stay safe and follow the COVID19 guidance from:

Please refer specifically to the section entitled: Non-medical support.

It is the responsibility of the venues where we hold our (face to face) meetings to conduct a COVID19 risk assessment; the venue will need to tell us how many people can meet in that venue at the same time, and still remain COVID Safe.

It is vitally important that these Guidelines are observed in our meetings.

We are the ‘public face’ of NA; and our Fellowship, in its’ efforts to carry our message to the still suffering addict, could be greatly harmed if, in our eagerness to meet together in person too quickly, we compromise the safety of each other, and our loved ones at home.

The UK Region current position is clear: If it is not absolutely necessary to meet face to face in our meetings, please don’t.

These links are specific to England. If you live in Scotland or Wales, please seek advice specific to your location.

As you know, all face-to-face meetings have now closed, and the face of our fellowship has completely changed. More than 850 of our meetings have moved online. A huge thanks to everyone who has made this happen!

Meeting resources are listed below:

Even if you are self-isolating, you don’t have to be isolated. Stay safe, stay connected.

In loving fellowship